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His brother Mike was a bicycling champion.

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Rodak had Rightmire close to a knockout in the sixth round. Louis, in a ten-round points decision.

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On October 15,he defeated former world featherweight champion Tommy Paul in a non-title ten round points decision at White City Arena in Chicago. Demonstrating the respect paid Canzoneri, the bout brought 14, fans, the largest crowd of the year. As expected, Canzoneri dominated the talented youngster, rocking him on his heels from a blow to the jaw in the sixth, and inflicting stiff punishment in the seventh.

Rodak hung on well, showing good defense and excellent conditioning against the former champion. Canzoneri took seven rounds decisively, had a small edge in two, and lost only one. Graham used smart foot work, lightning fast ducking, and superb slipping and counter-punching. The veteran Graham leaned forward coaxing Rodak to throw punches, and then repeatedly drew back and dodged them.

Showing his command, he stung Rodak's face with jabs and overhand swings. In the seventh, Rodak was dropped by a blow from Graham who had remained illusive despite Rodak's attacks. Despite a three-year layoff and his advanced age of 32, Graham gave an excellent display of talent to the younger Golden Glove winner.

Though the final ruling was a draw, Graham demonstrated he still had championship form.

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The first three fights were ruled a draw by the referee. Rodak won in a fifteen-round unanimous decision at Carlin Park on June 17, before a small crowd of 3, Each fighter split the first eight rounds on points, while the crowd and celebrity referee Jack Dempsey impatiently urged a faster pace.

Rodak opened up in the remaining seven rounds, until Wilson became noticeably groggy in the final three.

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The crowd cheered for Rodak in the last half of the bout, disapproving of the ducking of Wilson. In the fifteenth and final round, the contestants butted heads, leaving a cut on the top of Rodak's head.

Both boxers fought in the Featherweight range. Angott won the first fight, at Pittsburgh's Forbes Fieldin a ten-round split decision on July 25, Though Rodak was floored during Angott's comeback in the ninth round, he hung on, having taken all the earlier rounds through the eighth.

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Only one judge scored for Angott, causing the split decision. Rodak was down for a count of nine, and then floored three more times before the fight was called after in the first round by the referee. Angott started slowly but found more telling blows in the final round.

Rodak rallied after a slow start and increased his points margin swiftly in the final three rounds. Efrati won the second and third rounds, and looked to take the fourth when Rodak briefly floored him with a solid punch.

Efrati scored enough points to take the lead in the fifth, sixth, and seventh, before Rodak overtook the point's count in the last three rounds. Archibald was the aggressor throughout the bout, and landed the most punches in the opinion of the referee who scored for him. The Associated Press gave seven rounds to Archibald, with six for Rodak and two even. Both fighters committed fouls in the eleventh, a round declared even by the referee as was the closely fought seventh.

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In the thirteenth and fourteenth, with the bout close but Archibald leading by a shade, Rodak broke loose and gained the advantage with long and wary rights. The fifteenth clearly went to Archibald. After the fight, Rodak's manager complained of frequent low blows by Archibald. He won the sammy leo perte de poids by a decision in Chicagoand the sixth as a lightweight by a close ten round points decision in Toledo, Ohio on October 27, Wright dominated from the second round, after tagging Rodak with an uppercut.

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His opponents second round dominance caused Amish mary perte de poids to back away from Wright for the remaining rounds, when not clinching to avoid a blow. Rodak did well through the first five rounds, but faded in the sixth and seventh when he received a flurry of lefts and right to the head, though he subsequently covered well and came through the next three rounds.

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The referee gave six rounds to Larkin, with three to Rodak, and one even. Sammy leo perte de poids was floored in both the second and third rounds for counts of nine by rights from Armstrong. Armstrong won six of the eight rounds, and the TKO when the fight was stopped in the eighth due to a deep cut over the left eye of Rodak.

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Rodak had a slight margin in the first and fourth. The first fight Rodak lost by an eighth round technical knock on December 14, in DetroitMichigan. The referee had to stop the fight in the fourth as Joyce had reopened the cut Rodak had received fighting Henry Armstrong two months earlier.

The second fight Rodak won by decision on March 3, in Hollywood, California. He was still serving in the Marines at the time. Rodak kept Joyce off balance throughout the bout with straight lefts, and finished strongly in the ninth and tenth, though he was ten years younger than his opponent, who had twice suffered a broken jaw at the hands of Henry Armstrong the prior year.

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Both boxers fought as lightweights. The crowd was disappointed with the amount of clinching and lack of solid punching displayed by the two distinguished but aging lightweights. Montgomery, at 27, had lost training from his recent three year hitch in the Army, and Rodak, at thirty-two was well past his boxing prime.

Rodak had recently ended his service with the Marines. Though Rodak had not fought for thirteen months, to his credit, he showed stamina in the seventh, eighth, and ninth and was scored higher by one of the three judges.

He went to work for the Cook County Forestry Department and sidelined as a boxing trainer. Primary boxing achievements[ edit ].