Les américains débarquent sur Omaha Beach le 6 juin

Perte de poids omaha. D-Day - 6 juin 1944, 6 h 30 à Omaha : "La boucherie a commencé"


    Frazier-Stander Fight[ edit ] Ron Stander was largely an unknown commodity when he was given the opportunity to fight for the world heavyweight title in Omaha.

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    It marked the first time a world heavyweight title fight had been held in Nebraska. Stander had a solid record entering the bout and was clearly the fans' favorite based on the huge, enthusiastic ovation he received when he was introduced.

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    Frazier was the undefeated champion and entered the ring as a perte de poids omaha favorite. He was booed after being introduced. Both men employed the same aggressive fighting style of pushing forward and fighting at close quarters, which made for an exciting contest.

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    Stander was quite competitive in the first round, even buckling Frazier's knees with one blow late in the round. However, by the second round, Frazier's superiority in class began to show and the champion was getting the better of the frequent exchanges.

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    In the third round Frazier opened a cut on the bridge of Stander's nose and severely staggered him late in the round. Stander was not knocked down, however.

    By the fourth round Stander was bleeding profusely from the cut and again was badly staggered towards the end of the round as Frazier landed numerous telling blows to Stander's face.

    Between rounds four and five the fight was stopped by veteran referee Zack Clayton on the advice of the ring doctor. Officially Frazier was credited with a victory by a fifth-round technical knockout.

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    Professional boxing record[ edit ] 38 Wins 29 knockouts, 9 decisions21 Losses 9 knockouts, 12 decisions3 Draws [1] Result.