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    The present studies in connexion with high flux reactors contribute to the solution of these problems which concern specialists in reactor control.

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    B - In the control and safety field, there is a real need for studies on the behaviour of reactors in the subcritical state. This increases the margin of security during restarts when poison effects must be overcome The perturbations due to control rod movements necessitate a new organisation of power level safety and control assemblies, in connexion with thermal or activation measurements. Two methods of fast start-up are described.

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    They are related to the fission rate measurement as a function of time. This is done either continuously by a constant and high reactivity change, or step by step.

    The application of automatic techniques to detector motion seems to give the answer to control and safety in normal start-up. C - The scope of these studies covers the methods used for the control of E. Les etudes actuellement entreprises dans le domaine des piles a haut flux, doivent apporter une contribution importante a la solution de ces problemes qui interessent les specialistes du controle des piles de puissance.

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    On analyse l'etat actuel de ces etudes et on donne les resultats des differents travaux effectues en France, dans.