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    Stuart C. Berry Full Text Available This paper summarizes a multi-year research project that examines the use and value of visible and persistent artefacts within an online learning environment. This study is framed within elements of a business management theory.

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    Changes to an online learning environment are documented as well as an examination of the impact of these changes on the learning process. The study also shows the impact of learner engagement with artefacts over the life of multiple iterations of a course within this socially networked online learning space. Two significant outcomes emerged: 1.

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    How the use of a socially networked online learning environment can offer a rich and supportive place for teaching and learning; and 2. That students in this study support the inclusion of an archive containing artefacts from learners in prior iterations of a course.

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    The connection between the inclusion of this archive and the impact of a socially networked online learning environment will be demonstrated throughout. Deux résultats importants ont émergé : 1.