Sony DSC-HX50 Cyber-Shot Instruction Manual

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Thanks for preferring this product. Its very good performances will insure you utmost satisfaction.

Sony PlayStation 3 Super Slim manuál (návod)

Make sure your car has it in order to avoid any damages to your amplifier and to the car itself. Use extra fixing systems if you install it inside the bonnet.

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If the amplifier detaches itself while you are driving, it can severely damage people and other vehicles. Its section has to comply with what is indicated in this manual.

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When placing it, avoid to press it against cutting parts or close to mechanical moving objects. Make sure it is suitably fixed all along its length.

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Put a clamping screw between positive and negative cable just close to the amplifier power supply terminal block. The fuse value mustbe the same as the amplifier built-in one.

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In case the cable supplies several amplifiers, the fuse value will have to be equal to the sum of the values of all other fuses in the system. Make sure its temperature is safe before touching it.

Audison srx 5

Let the amplifier ends i. If you use an external stereo crossover, make sure that its negative poles are not connected one to the other.

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If they do, the amplifier protection intervenes. Dampen a piece of cloth with water and soap, wring it and clean the amplifier with it.

Sony DSC-HX50 Cyber-Shot Instruction Manual

Then, clean the amplifier by using a piece of cloth dampened with water only; eventually clean it with a dry piece of cloth. This must be periodically done by using a screw driver or a small brush. Avoid to use com pressed air jak funguje multi slim it would push the solid parts into the amplifier.

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If necessary, please contact a spicialised after sale service centre for internal cleaning. Possible deposits might obstruct or stop the cooling fan; the amplifier would then go in safety.

SRx project is the best compromise between compactedness, versa- tility, power performances, sound quality and reliability you can nowa- days find in the marketplace.

Final stage electronic circuitry proves it. It is a circuitry for automatic bias current adjustment; it is simple to calibrate and it has constant temperature, typical of traditional AB class.

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SRx connections are special, too. We chose terminal blocks that are not normally employed in car stereo, rather commonly used in professional electro-technical field.

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External plastic parts are special, too. Our main goal when designing SRx was they had to have the same technical features as so-deemed higher level amplifiers. We employed the latest TO linear transistors for final stage.

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Built-in crossover is extremely versatile and allows lots of configurations. Power supply is not stabilised, in order to insure maximum efficiency; it has secondary filtering toroidal coil to increase efficiency as well as reliability. Protection circuits include: maximum temperature, output overload, output Jak funguje multi slim, RGP Resettable Ground Protection to detect short circuit between the output and the chassis, general protection fuse inside the amplifier.

When protection intervenes, Safety red indicator is on.

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When the problem that made the amplifier go in Safety is solved, the amplifier starts working again. SRx 5 is a 5 channel amplifier with built-in crossovers.

All filters are Butterworth.

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Controls and connections for the three possible configurations can be identified through colours, as from the table you can find onto the amplifier Configuration Table. SRx 5.

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