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One of them Martha busied herself preparing the meal while Mary the other sister sat at the feet of Jesus drinking with infinite delight his every word.

Martha somewhat upset asked Jesus to dispatch her sister to the kitchen.

Jonathan Black, Pauline Rebelle, Laure Motet L'histoire secrète du monde J'ai lu (2011)(1)

There is need of only one thing. Mary has chosen the better part and it will not be taken from her.

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Mary looks a little bit out of touch. Is she really the one we should emulate?

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Jesus simply stresses here the importance of not being anxious, confused and constantly upset. Actions and good deeds of course yes!

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Yet, ewyn perte de poids stratford people need to be grounded and rooted in faith and prayer otherwise they become nervous, irritable and agitated. Action and prayer must go hand in hand. Strive to be at once Martha and Mary, both prayerful and active!

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Genuine prayer leads inevitably to action. It sets our minds ewyn perte de poids stratford the essential! Marthe est active, zélée et se met vite à préparer le repas. Marie elle, assise aux pieds de Jésus, boit avec délices tous les mots qui sortent de ses lèvres.

Marthe quelque peu agacée demande à Jésus de lui dépêcher sa soeur pour préparer le repas.

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La réponse de Jésus est inoubliable. Pourtant il en faut peu, une seule même. Jésus est très tendre dans sa réponse à Marthe. Il lui reproche quand même son anxiété et la multiplicité de ses soucis.

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Il faut être à la fois Marthe et Marie! Il y a parfois des chrétiens qui sont extrêmement actifs mais ayant perdu leur enracinement dans la prière et les sacrements deviennent énervés et irritables au plus haut point.

Jean-Claude Jean François, the rector of the University Jean Price- Mars in Hinche, is a sterling example of a man who had to struggle as a youth but has achieved a position of great eminence.

In an interview with me on Radio Télé Solidarité, he talked about his primary and secondary studies in Hinche, then recalled the problem of having to borrow money to pay for his plane ticket to Geneva, Switzerland, to study.

So he had to work to pay for his studies. Geneva is the second most populous city in Switzerland, and home to a broad array of international organizations. Switzerland has a highly educated and professional population, including about 2, Haitians.

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Many of these Haitians are nurses, who bring honor to our motherland, because they occupy prestigious positions in Swiss hospitals. Following his studies in Geneva, Dr. François went on to earn a doctorate in economics from the University of Grenoble, France.

In the interview, Dr. François talked of the history of the University Jean Price-Mars, founded after the earthquake of It currently has students and is building a campus that can accommodate 6, students.

He said that there is a craze for young people to have a university education in Haiti, but they face the challenge of finding a way to pay for courses.

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Young people are also very concerned about their future after they have completed their university studies. The university is well aware of those concerns, and it responds by training students to start their own companies. The others are the University of Haiti, which offers courses in law and agronomy, and the University of Notre Dame, which has a school of nursing. He said the Haitian government is building a technical school that can accommodate 1, students.

Despite the presence of three universities, the Central Plateau suffers significant insecurity. Farmers are forced to sleep with their animals in their home to prevent unscrupulous people from stealing them during the night. Peasants have no jobs, and many young people have fallen into in prostitution. Nongovernmental organizations have helped a lot, but funding problems have caused them to reduce the size of their staffs.