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Boxing career[ edit ] Super featherweight and lightweight[ edit ] Mayweather, who was 64—4 as an amateurmade his professional debut on July 29, against Andrew Ruiz. Mayweather won by technical knockout TKO in the first round. In his thirteenth fight, Mayweather beat Ruben Muñoz Jr. After improving his record to 14—0, Mayweather earned a title shot on January 19, against lineal and WBA super featherweight championSamuel Serrano.

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Serrano entered the bout with a record of 49—3—1 and had lost only once since first winning the title in Nonetheless, Mayweather led on dakota dunes perte de poids three judges' scorecards before he beat Serrano by TKO in round eight and effectively ended Serrano's career.

Although Mayweather won the first round on the judges' scorecards, he was knocked down twice in round two and lost by TKO. Mayweather was knocked down in round one, but he knocked down Whitaker in round nine.

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Whitaker won by unanimous decision UD. Light welterweight[ edit ] After Mayweather moved up to the light welterweight division, he fought against WBC light welterweight championRene Arredondoon November 12, Mayweather led on the scorecards and knocked down Arredondo three times in round six to win by TKO. Prior to this fight, Mayweather was being called by several boxing writers as "The Mexican assassin" due to his numerous wins over Mexican fighters during the last few years.

Bramble had defeated Ray 'Boom Boom' Mancini twice for the title in the mids. He defended the belt once in Tszyu won by unanimous decision.

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Mayweather's final bout was a majority decision victory over Javier Francisco Mendez on May 8, He ended his career with a total of nine major and minor titles in four weight classes. One day when I was flipping through channels and I came upon this channel showing different reptiles, and they were showing the black mambaone of the most deadly snakes in the world.

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I loved the way the mamba attacked so quietly, but when he hit you he just hit you one time and the poison was in you. That reminded me of myself right there.

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Roger trained Floyd Jr. Roger Mayweather garnered national attention during and after Floyd Mayweather Jr. Zab Judah on April 8, Near the conclusion of the tenth round, Judah hit Mayweather with a left hand that was clearly below the belt and followed up with a right-handed rabbit punch.

After referee Richard Steele called time with five seconds remaining in the round, Roger Mayweather entered the ring, but was restrained by Steele.

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Judah's father and trainer, Yoel Judahentered the ring and swung at Roger. Zab then went after Roger—taking a swing and grappling with him until security broke it up and cleared the ring.

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Roger was ejected, but the boxers finished the remaining two rounds, and Mayweather won by unanimous decision. Mayweather allegedly hit her several times in the ribs, then tried to choke her, causing her to spit up blood when police arrived. Vil in an effort to restrain her, but denied that he physically struck her. Floyd opened up about Roger's dakota dunes perte de poids back inand thinks that boxing is the main cause of it.

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