Stephen Phinney, MD, PhD

Articles évalués par des pairs sur la perte de poids

She has examined many aspects of weight loss.

Arthrose : une perte de poids seulement par la pratique d’exercice ne protège par les genoux

Wing has completed research on four different questions examining the health benefits of modest weight loss, how behavioral treatment of obesity can be improved, whether it is possible to prevent weight gain and subsequent obesity, and the characteristics of successful weight loss maintainers.

Wing is currently studying successful weight losers comparing those with normal weight controls versus obese weight controls.

During her research on the health benefits of modest weight loss, Wing recruited more than 3, overweight patients who suffered from impaired glucose tolerance.

Wing has continued to investigate this, but has changed her focus towards cardiovascular morbidity or mortality. She is currently testing over 5, overweight individuals who have type 2 diabetes.

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This study not only focuses on the effects of weight loss in terms of cardiovascular morbidity, but also has an interest in the impact this weight loss has for the long-term 12 years.

She has compared the different strategies included in behavioral programs. One example of this would be that high exercise goals and structured approaches to diet increase the chances of improving weight loss outcomes. Currently Wing is gathering more information on the effects of reducing variety in the diet and perdre du poids avec victoza the effect of modifying the home environment.

Wing has decided to expand her studies on this particular topic by looking at how the internet has an effect on behavioral techniques.

articles évalués par des pairs sur la perte de poids

She is focusing on various approaches of e-mail counseling or automated counseling. It has been found that there are three critical points in a person's life which have the most effective weight loss. These are childhood, the time surrounding pregnancy, and the menopausal transition. Research has started to shift in this area towards focusing on children as young as 4—8 years old, and adolescents.

articles évalués par des pairs sur la perte de poids

She is the founder of the National Weight Control Registry, which has a registry of over 5, people who have lost over at least 30 pounds, with an average loss of 70 pounds, and kept that weight off for at least one year, with an average of 5. Wing has proven that it is possible to teach the strategies of successful weight losers, resulting in improving others' ability to maintain their own personal weight loss.

Knowing this, Wing created a study which compares successful weight losers with normal weight controls and obese controls in terms of behavioral measures and brain responses to food cues. Wing focused on whether successful weight losers who have reduced to normal weight now respond to food cues as always-normal weight controls, or if they continue to respond as if obese.

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Rena Wing received her bachelor's degree in psychology from Connecticut College in Inshe earned her master's degree and doctorate degree in Social Psychology, graduating in She completed a postdoctoral fellowship at the National Institute of Mental Health as well as at Harvard Medical School in the department of Psychiatry by Wing then spent the next 25 years as a teacher at the University of Pittsburgh.

She lectured in psychiatry, psychology, and epidemiology. In between her work in Pittsburgh, Wing also spent a few years as a lecturer in psychology at Stanford University in California. Wing is currently articles évalués par des pairs sur la perte de poids professor at Brown University, and also dedicates her time to many other research panels and councils.

articles évalués par des pairs sur la perte de poids